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Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Reticulation System


  • 24 hours gas supply at your command.
  • No cylinder in the kitchen or inside the flat.
  • No holiday for Gas supply.
  • No follow up with LPG Distributor.
  • No waiting list for new connection or refill.
  • No entry to delivery boy inside the house.
  • No handling of cylinders by elders or younger generation.
  • LPG cylinder are handled by trained mechanic.
  • Gas meter for recording on actual consumption.
  • 3rd party accident & loss of property insurance.
  • Entire system is as per IS code 6044 Part I.


    Globe Gas provides the latest technology in the storage facility with the high equipped safety systems and hassle free operations equipment from Europe, France & America.

    The Reticulated Gas System also known as Piped Gas System is an Advanced system to supply Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to households as compared to the conventional cylinder supply and essentially is a piped network that supplies cooking gas to individual flats through a centralised Bulk Storage or gas bank / cylinder bank facility.

    It is an innovative method of distributing LPG to apartments using a sophisticated piped network which is as per the guidelines of IS6044 Part I. LPG from Cylinder manifold or Bulk Storage is piped through the header & thereafter it branches out to each residential kitchen. Reticulated Gas System is one ofthe latest value additions being offered by builders to their clients. This System ascertains an uninterrupted supply and a host of other benefits like saving on time, money and space etc.

    There are about 25 million households using LPG and as many as 13 million are on the waiting list. The average growth rate in demand has been 12 to 13 percent and is expected to be of the same order in the years to come. However, there are restrictions by way of domestic availability. Today's situation warrants an alternative system and Reticulated Gas System, being used in Europe and America, is the best solution to this problem. Reticulated gas system is Tailor made to suit the project requirements. This centralised distribution system supplies gas to each and every user through a network of an absolutely safe system and is the best alternative to the conventional LPG distribution system. The rigours of getting a refill are totally eliminated and the consumer pays forwhatthe uses.

    PNG systems are restricted to certain to geographical areas and further the availability of natural gas is questioned everywhere. LPG systems have limited loops; hence more security and more control on the safety aspects. At every stage, state-of-the-art equipment is used with Carbon steel pipes, to provide the best and safest LPG Reticulated System.

    The system is tested as per strict norms at every stage. Because safety is foremost followed by convenience.

  • Uninterrupted gas supply- 24X7.
  • Value Addition-Adds to the property value of the apartment.
  • Economical-Pay on consumption and no additional service charges.
  • Aesthetic appeal - No Cylinder in the kitchen for a modern living. No floor damages as in case of conventional cylinder supply.
  • Convenience - No movement of cylinders in and out of the house and no cylinder handling.
  • Safety - No delivery persons into your house
  • Zero Maintenance - Comprehensive Maintenance Contract includes periodic inspection and monitoring for nominal charges.
  • Peace of Mind - Cooking gas supply is totally taken care
  • Transparency - Every connection is equipped with a meter in the house to record consumption.
  • Save Money-Piped gas supply IS less expensive when compared to traditional supply.
  • Quality-Installation and commissioning adhering to I.S.6044 (Part 1&11)
  • Service on Call-Dedicated technicians located In the building.
  • Safe and Secure - Eliminates the risk of fire hazard caused by leakage due to improper fitting of gas regulator after removing the seal cap or leakage of (unchecked / expired) LPG cylinders.
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