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Gas Burners


Torch Burner

Heavy duty, high pressure, torch-type flame throwing burner. Ideal for general heating, frying, Non-Veg cooking and other industrial uses.


Cylinder Pigtail - Flexible

High Pressure hose with wire braided most convenient in fixing multi cylinder to manifold bank. Highly flexible and most durable. Fitted with 30mm Brass Nut with FECV x FECV Thread.


Cylinder Pigtail - Copper

Copper burner pigtail fitted with 3/8" BSPPF Nut & Bullinose. Connections between Pressure line & Burners. Most durable and can withstand all weathers.

Fitted with 3/8" B.S.PPF Nuts and bull nose connections Available in 12", 18",24",30",36",42",48",60",72",length.

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